Barbara Gilleran MBA

"Kathleen was my coach during an unusually challenging time. She created a safe and supportive environment, especially as I needed someone who could actively listen, be non judgemental and understand my perspective. Kathleen is a brave coach, she's not afraid to ask direct questions that deepen thinking and discovery and also challenge your current thought process. She is careful to create a strong partnership and demonstrated respect, integrity and confidentiality throughout our coaching relationship. Thank you allowing me the space to reflect, explore and devise a realistic and actionable plan to move me forward with increased confidence."

Denis M Murphy, University of Limerick

"Kathleen is quite simply one of the nicest, kindest and most genuine people I have ever known. I came to know her while she was mentoring a programme I was on. It was a time of great change in my life and I was especially appreciative of the support Kathleen offered. When the opportunity came up to be coached by her, I jumped at the chance. Kathleen has a simple and easy-going way of working. Her way is subtle, powerful and effective. Her natural style allowed me to fully engage in the coaching sessions, she created a safe space where I was able to expand inwardly into myself, understand old and redundant behaviour patterns and find the potential I had always thought was within me. Working with Kathleen has helped me to connect to my own innate sense of confidence, calmness and competence and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such a skilled Coach. I have no hesitation in giving Kathleen the highest of recommendations."

Josephine Lynch, Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick

"I worked with Kathleen at a transitional stage in my career, when my job was evolving into a more defined managerial role. I had to move from supervising people while still being a ‘doer’ to a role where I had to consciously manage people, their workloads and their personalities. She made me realise that I could make the transition and achieve my goals as well as achieve what I needed to achieve at work. She helped me realise what I value most, what makes me tick and what my goals really are. She really helped me by encouraging me and pointing out the negative or critical talk in my head. Now I consciously have a positive dialogue with myself and ‘talk myself’ into doing things or dealing with situations rather than delaying or avoiding them. Kathleen introduced some very powerful concepts that I could understand and use to my benefit in both my personal and professional life. Many thanks for the help."