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Female Leaders Burnout Survival Kit :

Tools to Support Your Team (and Family)

Without the Stress and Overwhelm


So many of my clients are women like you – and me – who give 100% to their job and family and then are left with 0% for themselves.

We often struggle with saying no and end up being the last person in the office while others have gone off to their homes.

We can be challenged by difficult conversations with staff and our own managers.

Despite all the hard work, senior management don’t always realise what we do because we hold back on telling them in case it seems like boasting.

And, most of all, there is that sense of being there for everyone else and can feel that the ‘well’ is nearly empty.

Burnout is a serious thing – healthwise, emotionally.

Of course, both men and women experience overwhelm and may end up with Burnout but a recent report from McKinsey & Company entitled Women Leaders Continue to Feel the Burn of Burnout showed some interesting figures in relation to gender differences. 


This is one of many reports on this growing trend for female leader burnout, explained partly by one contributor to the above McKinsey said:

"One of the most fascinating findings this year was how women leaders are really stepping in, in this moment, to be the type of leaders that companies say they most need and most value.That role that they’re playing is really instrumental, frankly, to keeping a lot of companies going. Women senior leaders do more to help their employees navigate work–life challenges, relative to their male peers. Similarly, they spend that additional time helping manage workloads, and they’re 60 percent more likely to be focusing on emotional support.To employees, these things matter not only because they feel good, but employees say when they’re receiving that type of additional support, they’re happier in their job. And they’re less likely to be thinking about a move.In a moment where we’re facing the great reflection, where so many employees are thinking about making a big move, having women leaders stepping in—this is really critical. But it explains a lot of this sensation that we hear regarding burnout and fatigue because they’re disproportionately doing this additional work in the office context, and we already know, because we’ve measured it in the past, that they’re disproportionately doing it at home too."


So is it possible to be a highly professional leader with boundaries;

a leader who ‘puts her own oxygen mask on first’ - yes it is!          

Today, your investment of only $97 will give you a head start on getting the balance you want in your life. Plus, $15 of your investment will go to Médecins Sans Frontières- Doctors Without Borders to support their humanitarian efforts around the globe.

Here’s what you get in the Female Leaders Burnout Survival Kit

1-hour interactive workshop
where you’ll leave with 4 new tools / strategies to avoid burnout (Value: $497)

If you’re serious about making changes in your life to avoid Burnout, then you need to build new daily practices that will really make a difference!  In this Live Hands-On Virtual Workshop, you’ll discover 4 proven “Keys to De-Stress & Revive". You’ll learn strategies to decrease your stress and help you live more in the moment- and start you moving towards the balance you want. (You'll also get access to the recording after the live virtual workshop.)


4-Step Guide to Move from Overwhelm and a Sense of Never Being Finished ( Value $100)
In today’s world-  with all that’s coming at us - it’s essential to have healthy reminders at hand. When you need to calm yourself down after a fight-or-flight trigger or switch to a positive mindset quickly, here’s a simple one page resource that you can keep on hand to remind you of what you can do to manage your thinking, your emotions, your physical effects and the benefits of social connection. Keep it at the ready!!


Fill Your Well: 30 Days of Resilience Journal posted directly to you (Value: $25)
This acclaimed book will be mailed directly to you. Following the journal for 30 days or dipping in and out as needed - you will find yourself calmer, more grounded and more optimistic about the future!

One reviewer said:

"There's something special about the way Kathleen Fanning inspires, motivates and makes me feel more grounded. I love her Resilience journal! The quotes are inspiring and useful for reflection and then lead effortlessly into a daily challenge. Art by Niamh Mason is also inspiring and beautiful and a great addition to the daily challenges. Finally, each challenge has plenty of space to journal action steps, inspirations or specific strategies based upon Coach Kathleen's recommendations. This is a great gift for others, and of course, for anyone who loves professional/personal development and a simple way to incorporate lasting behavior change.” DL


The Wheel of Your Personal & Professional Life: A Powerful Tool to Help you Visualise all areas of your life  (Value: $197)
By reflecting on this Wheel, you will become more aware of the areas in your Professional and/or Personal life which - with focus and effort - will lead to more balance and a lot less stress. We all have strengths and challenges and honest reflection is the first start to turning the challenges into strengths!

"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”  William James


1-Hour Private Strategy Session: How to amplify your natural strengths and develop the critical skills to succeed as a leader Professionally and Personal and Life. (Value: $500)

In this 60 minute, to-the-point, coaching session we will:

  • Focus on one key area of your choice (perhaps from the awareness gained from completing the Wheel)
  • Develop a plan for your chosen Next Steps

Value of all the above is $1319!

Your Total Investment: $97
of which $15 goes to Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders

Get the Female Leader Survival Toolkit TODAY for ONLY $97.

 Female Leaders Burnout Survival Kit
Value $1319